PhD Note 06/2014

As I’ve mentioned before I am well known for being something of an obsessive planner/organiser and I thrive off structure. Having recently begun my PhD I have been trying to find ways to effectively structure my time and be more productive. In our last meeting, my supervisor suggested that sharing a summary of my week’s work and the areas I wish to focus on for the coming week might be a good way to help me think about my goals for each week and what tasks I need to complete to achieve them. The suggestion reminded me of Doug Belshaw’s weeknotes and I decided it might be fun to style them in that way. So…
This week I have mostly been:
  • Learning how to use NVivo, having attended an introductory course on Monday. It looks like it could be a very useful tool and I’m interested in learning more about it.
  • Creating a presentation for the Research Designs in Health module that I take on a Wednesday afternoon. It is based on a paper that I recently read about qualitative data and subjectivity.
  • Reading on research diaries and grounded theory.
  • Writing down my initial thoughts around methodology. This week I wrote my first 500 words and whilst I know that there is still a way to go, having written something felt great!
Next week I will be focusing on completing my presentation for Research Designs in Health and writing a blog post to accompany it. I will also be reading more into the use of blogging as a research tool and furthering my knowledge of the practicalities of using a grounded theory approach. Finally, I will be attending a course on intellectual property and completing an online module on research ethics, as part of the University’s Researcher Development Programme.

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