PhD Note 09/2014

This week I have mostly been:

Attending the University’s research student induction event. In some aspects this session came a little too late for me (I have already completed a number of RDP courses and my Training Needs Analysis which are key features of the induction), however, the session also focused on the registration process which I am currently beginning to work on. Receiving guidance from the Graduate School Office on the best way to approach the registration form and ethical approval procedures was very helpful.

Drafting my application for Ethical Approval. Since I am taking a grounded theory (GT) approach to my thesis this has presented some issues – due to the emergent nature of GT and the use of theoretical sampling (samples are chosen based on existing data and analysis) it is difficult to share specific details relating to my thesis, such as sample size. It is noted in the literature that it is important to ensure that the emergent nature of GT is highlighted when completing procedures such as ethical approval and to justify ones decision to take the approach.

Reflecting on the assumptions that I am bringing with me into this study. Based on my readings from last week, and supplemented with some new ones, I have been considering my philosophical stance and how this will affect my choices around research design. I have started a memo/blog post on this and am currently completing some further reading to consolidate my ideas.

Working up further research design plans based on my reading around Idrees et al‘s four stage model. Whilst I cannot plan specific details of my research design, using the four stage model I am able to consider how the main phases of thesis will fit together.


Next week I will be focusing mainly on the supporting documentation for my ethical approval form and familiarising myself with Kathy Charmaz’s constructivist approach to Grounded Theory (and Glaser’s rebuttal). I will also begin to plan the structure of my initial literature review.


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