PhD Note – 14/2015

Over the winter break I have mostly been:

  • Planning my first PhD Memo – considering the point at which I begin my study and the assumptions and experiences that I bring with me on this journey.
  • Beginning to write the first section of my literature review.
  • Drafting more of my ethical approval form and accompanying documents.
  • Preparing to teach my first module in H.E –¬†Technology Enhanced Practice for the MA Education Practice.

I have also been:

  • Celebrating my grandparent’s 50 wedding anniversary at Chatsworth with my family – including my wonderful cousin whom I only get to see once or twice a year.
  • Crafting a small mountain of Christmas gifts for my loved ones; including a crocheted hat with a beard, a set of felt birds, a set of felt nativity hanging decorations, a tea cosy and some liquorice caramels.

crafts xmas 14

  • Spending quality time with my family, usually outdoors.
  • Watching the Royal Institution Christmas lectures.
  • Eating what some may perceive as an inhuman amount of cheese and crackers, often accompanied by cider.



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