PhD Note 15/2015

Image shared under a creative commons license by Roman Boed

Image shared under a creative commons license by Roman Boed

This week I have mostly been:

  • Locating new resources for my literature review. I am currently reading on teacher professionalism and am looking at resources which cover: how professionalism is interpreted, how professionalism has developed in recent history and how political intervention (such as the 1988 Education Reform Act and 1944 McNair Report which influenced the collaboration of universities and teacher training schools) has shaped professionalism in the UK.
  • Registering with The British Library so that I can go and visit soon!
  • Building content into Blackboard for the module I will start teaching from next week. This has been particularly exciting for me as I haven’t used Blackboard as an instructor before.
  • Writing on the four ages of professionalism.
  • Submitting a proposal to present at the 6th Annual TEAN Conference. I presented there last year on the findings of the 2013 DigiLit Leicester survey. This year, Richard Hall and I are proposing to discuss the key findings of the surveys from both 2013 and 2014 and their implications for teacher education.
  • Reading on the development of teacher professionalism. After an exhausted end to last year I feel like I’ve really got my academic mojo back – I’m getting excited about the papers I’m reading again and it’s all starting to fall into place (which is handy since I have a literature review to write).

Next week I will be teaching my first lesson in H.E (!), continuing my literature review work and finishing off my ethical approval application ready to get some feedback from my supervisors.


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