PhD Note 17/2015

This week I have mostly been:

  • Delivering my first solo lecture for the Technology-enhanced practice module. I’m working with a great group of students, covering all levels of education (from Primary right up to HE) so we have some interesting discussions.
  • Completing my ethical approval draft. It’s taken slightly longer than I would have liked but it is still completed before the end of the month so that’s a plus.
  • Visiting the British Library. I found a book on teacher education which I could only access in a handful of libraries so I took the opportunity to sign up for a Reader Pass. The book covers the history of teacher education and professionalism. Out of the 5 volumes I was able to gain access to 4 (one had a catalogue issue) and typically it is the one I couldn’t access which offers the most value so I’m likely to visit again in the near future. The volumes are made up of collections of writings, brought together into themes – with the first two volumes covering the history of teacher education.
  • Reviewing my productivity – I have mentioned on many occasions that I am always striving to be as productive as possible. I noticed that it is nearly a year since I last reflected on my productivity and so I thought I’d review my current practices to see how they match up.

Next week I will mostly be continuing my literature review work. This will be interspersed with more lecturing, starting a new Doctoral Training Programme module on Advanced Statistical Analysis and attending Leicester City Council’s OER Schools Conference.


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