PhD Note 20/2015


Image shared under a creative commons BY 2.0 license by Simon Cunningham

This week I have mostly been:

  • Continuing my literature review work, in particular, this week I have been reading about the neo-liberal and neo-conservative perspectives which have driven some of the changes in teacher education under Thatcher’s Conservative government and New Labour.
  • Attending my first advanced statistics workshop – it was a great way to consolidate the independent learning that I have been doing around Sensitivity and Specificity of data analysis, and the use of Receiver Operating Characteristic curves.
  • Introducing my students to the Mozilla Webmaker suite of tools. This has actually been over the last two weeks – last week we used X-Ray Goggles to ‘hack’ websites and this week I provided the group with a SoundCloud file of me discussing Interactive Whiteboards which they remixed using Popcorn Maker. I wanted the sessions to show the group the potential of online tools for teaching and learning; we ended each session with a discussion of how to the tools could be used within their contexts.

Next week I will be continuing my literature review work and having a meeting regarding open badges schemes.


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